Based in Vancouver, BC

Founding date:
March 2013


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The Veil

110-2005 Nordic Place
Whistler, BC

(1) 604 764 6154


Wayward is a game development studio and collective based in Vancouver, Canada. We aim to produce interactive works of art with a high standard of aesthetics and storytelling, and an awareness of the larger discourse and discussions within the medium.


Theatre-based Origins

Before hitting the indie game space, Christine and Matt both got their creative start in the Theatre. Matt founded Theatre Bassaris in Toronto, acting as the Artistic Director. Meanwhile Christine worked in Vancouver on theatre for social justice and awareness. Looking to move into digital/interactive storytelling spaces, Matt and Christine, at opposite ends of the country, left the theatre to throw money at a Master's degree and change their lives.

Developers, developers, developers

After the grand meeting at the Centre for Digital Media in Vancouver, Matt and Christine separately pursued work in AAA games, interactive installation art, and VFX for film. But after awhile we thought, what the hell? Let's make our own games and bring back some of our theatre storytelling ideals. What followed was the birth of the game we're currently making: The Veil.

The Veil

With a deep-seeded love of Myst and Riven, we knew immersion and world was going to be the focus of our first game. We looked to games like Journey and Dear Esther, and wanted to embrace that kind of story-focused experience with minimal mechanics. In the first creative meeting, we talked about abysses and dialogues with ghosts. From there, we embraced the idea of the Canadian Northwest Passage and the ships that vanished there - some of which were never found. We took those ideas of ships, ghosts, abysses, and ice and we started to prototype The Veil. And in February 2013, we received Award funding from Microsoft and Nokia's AppCampus program.


There are currently no trailers available for Wayward. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Recipient of AppCampus Award, The Veil" - Finland, February, 2013
  • "Chartboost University Alumni, The Veil" - San Franscisco, October, 2013
  • "3rd Place Unity Contest, The Veil" - Seattle, August, 2014
  • "Canadian Video Game Award Nomination, Best Indie Game, The Veil" - Toronto, November, 2014

Selected Articles

  • "There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in fantastic worlds and thrilling stories. And if there’s someone that knows all about immersive games, it’s Matt Marshall."
    - Joel Willans, Nokia Conversations
  • "Things are changing slowly but steadily thanks to thought leaders like Anita Sarkeesian, successful industry professionals such as Christine Clark and the growing numbers of women who register for Game Design classes in colleges and universities around the world."
    - Stories of Women in Game Design, Wacom
  • "Matt Marshall and Christine Clark of Wayward are the makers of the immersive masterpiece, The Veil."
    - Joel Willans, Nokia Conversations
  • "Interview with Christine Clark on making The Veil."
    - Jaime Rodriguez, Microsoft Channel 9
  • "Killer story, beautiful graphics, and awesome score. What more can you ask for?"
    - Michael Grothaus, Know your mobile
  • "The Veil is not an ordinary game."
    - Diyan, Best Windows Phone Games 2014
  • "Wayward develops The Veil. The game studio is based in Vancouver, Canada with a background working in the Theatre, which explains the importance of storytelling in their games."
    - Mark Guim, WP Central
  • "The game provides a strong visual and aural style that engages the user in the fun of exploration, discovery, immersion, and beauty."
    - Unity 3D, Unity3D
  • "We were incredibly impressed by Wayward’s game, The Veil. Following in the footsteps of notable console games like Journey, The Veil is an immersive, ambient puzzle game."
    - Stephanie Lin, Chartboost
  • "The focus of The Veil is soaking you into the eerie ambiance of the underwater abyss."
    - Chris Priestman, PocketGamer

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Matt Marshall
Creative Director

Christine Clark
Studio Guru

Sarah Beaudin

Nickolas Marouhos
Game Designer

Jonas Kjellberg
Muse, Composer

Errol Stussi
Additional Art and Emotional Support

Power Up Audio
Noise Makers

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