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April 2014

Windows Phone 8
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The Veil is a mobile adventure game in the frozen abyss. After 200 years, the treacherous arctic region of the Glass Veil has re-opened. Enter the eerie, atmospheric blue void, and discover the fate of the voyage of the Seymour. Lose yourself in the serene, peaceful beauty of the ice and rock as you piece together the story of Ella and her crew as they attempt to escape to Olus Astrum - the New World.


The game was initially pitched for AppCampus, focusing on immersive gameplay and a short-form, episodic format suited to the daily commute. Created by former theatre artists Matt Marshall and Christine Clark, The Veil was inspired by the imagery of the Canadian arctic and the lost voyages of the Northwest Passage. As the design evolved, we began examining indie success stories Dear Esther and Gone Home, and looked to how we could explore narratology-focused game design in a mobile format.


  • Rich, immersive environments to explore and discover.
  • Two chapters at launch, with more in production.
  • Dynamic ambient soundtrack by award-winning Wrench (Unmechanical) combined with audio design by Power-Up Audio (Towerfall).
  • 15-25 minute chapter format is perfect for short play sessions on the bus or on break.
  • Relaxing, story-focused gameplay organically woven into a beautiful underwater world.


Trailer YouTube

Opener YouTube




Awards & Recognition

  • "AppCampus Award" Espoo, Finland, 2 February, 2013
  • "Chartboost University participant" San Francisco, USA, 11-18 October, 2013

Selected Articles

  • "The Veil is soaking you into the eerie ambiance of the underwater abyss"
    - Chris Priestman, Pocket Gamer
  • "We were incredibly impressed by Wayward’s game, The Veil."
    - Stephanie Lin, Chartboost

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Original Soundtrack
Coming Soon from www.wrench.se.

About Wayward

Wayward is a game development studio and collective based in Vancouver, Canada. We aim to produce interactive works of art with a high standard of aesthetics and storytelling, and an awareness of the larger discourse and discussions within the medium.

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The Veil Credits

Matt Marshall
Director / Creative Director, Wayward

Christine Clark
Director / Producer, Wayward

Jonas Kjellberg
Music, Freelancer

Errol Stussi
Additional Art, Freelancer

Nickolas Marouhos
Additional Design, Freelancer

Power-Up Audio
Sound and Engineering

Joanna Gaskell

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